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1, 3, 5 & 10 Day Juice Cleanses

Why Cleanse? Cleansing allows your body to take a break from processed foods. These are the foods that challenge our bodies with foreign chemicals and create build up in our digestive system. Cleansing removes these toxins, allowing your body to heal itself naturally.

Each cleanse day includes: 3 - 24 oz juices per day in glass mason jars. Our juices are made fresh daily for fast and easy pick up to ensure the effectiveness of the cleanse and give you all the nutrients your body needs!


Super Juice

cucumber apple celery carrot beet spinach pineapple

Green Machine

cucumber celery spinach kale mint lime apple

Happy Fresh

cucumber pineapple cilantro lime apple

Spicy Wake Up

carrot celery lemon ginger cayenne apple

Fresh Squeezed OJ

Local oranges, Freshly Squeezed in all sizes!



Good Morning

strawberry honeydew grape orange

Ginger Berry

strawberry blueberry ginger apple


banana avocado blueberry honeydew coconut milk


pineapple strawberry grape orange


Healthy Extras

Samurai Bowl

A smooth blend of açaí berries. Loaded with a powerful assortment of toppings that include: blueberries, strawberries, banana, pumpkin seed & flax seed granola, local honey, and a sprinkle of coconut flakes

Health Shots

Flu shot - apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon

Ginger Shot - ginger lemon cayenne

Wheat grass - organic wheat grass

*one size*