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Just Cut Juice Cleanse

Just Cut Organic Juice cleansing in Redmond allows your body to take a break from processed foods. These are the foods that challenge our bodies with foreign chemicals and create build-up in our digestive system. Cleansing removes these toxins, allowing your body to heal itself naturally.

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Each cleanses includes:

**Pick your perfect 1-10 day to cleanse! Each day is comprised of five (5) 16oz juices per day of organic goodness for maximum nutrition. Our juices are made fresh daily to ensure the effectiveness of the cleanse and give you all the fresh nutrients your body needs.

**Once your cleanse begins, aim to drink only the juice provided… meaning no coffee, no meat, no eggs, or dairy products. Also, the sooner that you can eliminate processed foods from your diet, the better. 
Cleansing reconnects you with your body’s needs. Dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger, so drink more water to keep your cells hydrated and eliminate false hunger. Drinking water is also an important first step in preparing for your juice cleanse because it transports nutrients to your cells.

If you typically eat more than one serving of animal products per day, try to cut that down in the week before your cleanse. Animal products place a higher demand on your digestive system than plant-based foods do. It is ideal to begin easing the burden on your digestive system so that it’s ready to kick into high gear once you begin your juice-only reset.

If you typically enjoy a coffee or drink soda, take measures to wean off of these highly acidic, caffeinated beverages before your cleanse.

**If you start to get hungry, drink lemon water and eat Red Grapes. If you decide to eat a salad, stay away from avocados, bananas, nuts, and seeds. They are healthy and good for you but will slow down the detox process. 


After Your Just Cut Juice Cleanse

As you integrate solid food back into your diet, please be mindful that your digestive system has been in a state of complete rest.

Your first days post-cleanse should include lots of veggies and fruits. The items to absolutely avoid the first few days after your cleanse include: red meat, dairy, alcohol, and processed and/or fried foods.
In the days following a cleanse, you have a unique opportunity to identify potential food allergens or sensitivities. If you suspect that you may have a sensitivity to wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, or anything else, systematically add these foods back into your diet one at a time. By only adding one of these items back into your diet at a time, you will be able to identify if any of these foods are a trigger for you. 

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